To provide you with better, cheaper and cleaner light, LED Lease uses the latest technology. We employ dimmability where it is useful. LED Lease is specialized in warranting a long lifetime, so you have care-free light.

About the technology
Illuminance, light color, and color rendering We ensure consistency in the light color between fixtures by using 'binned' components: the manufacturer has sorted the LEDs by light color.

Thus we prevent visible differences throughout the area. We also pay attention to the color rendering index: whether colored objects look natural under the light. This ensures a pleasant light experience.

Integrated LED fixtures We use LED (light emitting diodes) to create cheaper and cleaner light. However, for a long lifetime, proper cooling of the LEDs is essential.

LED Lease dissuades the use of so-called 'retrofit' lamps. Heat management is prohibitively difficult in such products. LED tubes (LED-TL, LED-fluorescents) often fail prematurely and create unnecessary hassle. We only use integrated fixtures in which the LEDs are connected to the outside through a metal heat sink.


Dimmability LED lights are eminently dimmable, as long as the electronic power supply (the driver) is suited. When needed, we use digitally dimmable drivers.

They can be dimmed individually to below 1 percent using the DALI protocol. Each fixture has its own individual address. For instance, a digital command 42 229 dims lamp number 21 to 50 percent. Combining this with movement or occupancy sensors, we make sure that only the lamps near people work at full strength.

system efficiency

Power quality Lamps with a low power factor, high harmonic distortion, or high inrush current may cause disruptions in other equipment.

LED Lease uses systems that perform better in this area than conventional lights like fluorescent tubes. Our lamps even meet the stringent standards of hospitals.

The best components
The quality and durability of lights depends strongly on the components. LED Lease only uses components and subsystems from the best suppliers, like Cree, Osram Opto, Nichia, Helvar, Mean Well, and Lutron. To be extra sure, we drive the LEDs at a current below the value specified by the manufacturer.